Manuel Antonio Surf Break

Damas Rivermouth – Boca Damas Surf Spot

Access by Boat Only. A very strong, and hollow right. This wave is best at low tide filling in with a mid size to large swell from the northwest or west.

Quepos Rivermouth – Boca Quepos Surf Spot

A long, perfect left coming off the pier. At low tide, you can catch hollow, strong waves. Needs a large swell to break. Best conditions with a west/northwest swell at low tide.
Turd alert: water can be dirty.

Playitas Surf Spot

A short beach break located at the northern most end of the beach in Manuel Antonio.
Best conditions with a medium to large swell from the south/southwest at mid to high tide. With a big swell, you can also surf the outer reef with offers long, open rights, ideal for longboarding by paddling across the river… beware of crocodiles!

Mar y Sombra Surf Spot

With the presence of a LARGE swell, this beach break offers a strong & often tubular left and right. Best conditions at mid to high tide and a large swell from the south/southwest.

Bajo Surf Spot

A strong, yet short left & right point located just south of Playitas.
Best conditions with a small – medium swell from the south/southwest at mid – high tide.

Secret Surf Spot

A reef break offering a long, perfect right running up to 200 meters. A very natural wave only surfable at low tide with a big swell from the S or SSW. (L & S).

Playa El Rey Surf Spot

Very similar to Playa Hermosa; this isolated beach break offers lefts and rights that close out with the presence of a big swell. Always bigger than nearby breaks so if you are in Manuel Antonio with non-surfers and are looking for relief, check this place out. No crowds with several peaks and is only accessible via a palm plantation about 15 minutes south of Quepos.
Best conditions at mid – high tide incoming.

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