Puntarenas Surf Breaks

Boca Barranca Surf Spot

A very long left that breaks off a rivermouth. This is an ideal wave for longboarding as it does not get hollow, however on a good day, rides are up to 500yds. Best on south or southwest swell & dawn patrol. Water can be extremely dirty after a rain so be prepared!

Caldera Surf Spot

A rivermouth break with a left breaking at low, incoming tide over a sand bar. This break needs a large swell from the south/southwest. Just to the south, you will find “El Hoyo” which is a thick, hollow right hand which forms off a jetty and breaks over a sand bar. It is more consistent than Boca Barranca. To get to ” El Hoyo,” you must enter the port and “convince” the guard to let you through.

Playa Tivives & Playa Valor Surf Spot

Offering a variety of lefts and rights, beach breaks and rocky points (Valor). Tivives offers rights & lefts breaking with strong currents; the mouth of the river creates and almost perfect, tubular left (beware of crocs & dirty water). Valor is accessed by paddling across the river.
Best conditions: at incoming high tide with a south swell (L & S).

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