Playa Hermosa Surf Breaks

Terraza Surf Spot

A fast, hollow right breaking in front of a group of visible rocks. Several other breaks just south of this break offer less punishing waves breaking over a sandbar.
Best conditions: on a west/southwest swell from low to mid tide incoming.

Backyard Surf Spot

A very consistent sandbar located at the entrance to the dirt road in Hermosa. This wave breaks close to the beach and is generally hollow with rights and lefts. Best conditions: on a southwest/west swell at mid – high tide incoming.

Almendro (Almond Tree) Surf Spot

Breaking in deeper water than most of the hotel breaks, this break also offers a sandbottom with rights and lefts.
Best conditions: on a south/southwest swell at mid- high tide incoming.

Corners Surf Spot

Breaking in even deeper water creating a little more size, more sandbottom rights and lefts. Generally bigger than northern breaks of Hermosa.
Best conditions: at low to mid tide and a west/southwest swell.

Tulin Surf Spot

Located in front of the Soda Tulin about 10 minutes south of the Backyard, this break is consistently a few feet bigger than the hotel breaks. There is also a rivermouth break further south (with crocodiles) with a perfect line-up in ideal conditions.
Best conditions: at low tide on a west swell.

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