Jaco Surf Breaks

Playa Jaco Surf Spot

Long beach with lefts and rights breaking and sandbottom and rocks. This area is smaller than Hermosa and a good option for beginners. Best in front of Club Del Mar at the south end, in front of Surfer Factory in the middle, and in front of the white fence at the north end.

Playa Escondida Surf Spot

A horseshoe, A-frame reef break with a powerful, hollow left and mellower right. Be aware of low tides as rocks are exposed. Best at mid – high tide with a southwest/west swell. Boat access only from Herradura Bay.

Roca Loca Surf Spot

Experts Only. A right which breaks in deep water over a reef. It is one of the heaviest spots on the coast offering long, clean rights. Climb down the cliff just before the highway takes you down into Jaco. Paddle out through a narrow 8″ wide channel visible on the inside reef at low tide. Best on a due WEST swell at low to incoming tide.

Esterillos Surf Spot

Breaking over a sandbar on the inside and outside on a submerged reef. Generally outside breaks reforms on the inside for more beginner surfers. No crowds and best conditions at high tide on a south swell. To get here, travel south of Hermosa for 20 minutes and enter at Esterillos Oeste.

Bejuco Surf Spot

Beach break offering long waves breaking close to the shore.
Best conditions: at mid – high tide on a south/southwest swell.

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