Puerto Viejo Surf Break

Isla Uvita Surf Spot

Access by Boat Only. This island located off the coast of Limon offers an excellent, yet, dangerous left that breaks on a reef. This is most powerful left in Costa Rica with three sections and facing a coral reef. Best days offer waves with 10 ft faces and is accessible only by boat from Limon.

Black Beach Surf Spot

Offers a great beach break with waves year round.
Best conditions: in the early morning with swell from the south or east at almost any tide (L&S).

Salsa Brava Surf Spot

A thick Hawaiian style wave that builds in deep water and breaks over a shallow reef. Offers both lefts and rights, however the right is generally faster, with a steep entry. This is most powerful wave in Costa Rica and the best conditions with an easterly swell which can produce up to triple overhead surf.

Playa Cocles Surf Spot

This beach break offers a more consistent break with lefts and rights breaking close to the beach. This wave tends to jack up with a big swell due to the steep beach entry …beware of currents.
Best conditions: in the early morning before the winds blow it out. However, you can surf here all day as the wind often improves the lack of form.

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